About Us

About Us

  • We are a childcare that opened its doors in Kendall. Our Mission is to provide a quality service where children receive affection.

    Vision, motivate the development of each child, within an atmosphere of love a security.

    We believe that each child should be exposed to experiences conducive to high self-esteem which in turn leads to strong adaptive, exploratory and growing skills consistent with the milestones to be achieved at each stage of psychological/ emotional development.

    We fully recognize that each child will be presented as a unique individual with his/ her own set of needs, individual ways of expressing himself/ herself, and at his/her own pace.

    Genesis Children’s Academy of Florida encourages and supports creativity, self-expression and natural curiosity as tools of individual communication.

    GOALS AND OBJECTIVES Our goals and objectives are to provide an environment that is safe and orderly and that contains varied and stimulating toys and materials.The opportunity for children to select activities and materials that are interested in that children learn by being actively involved.A language-rich environment.


We offer the following programs:

School Readiness